Рабочий сосуд об. 5 л для биореактора New Brunswick CelliGen BLU, Eppendorf

Цена по запросу
Кат. №: M1369-1002, M1369-1012, M1369-1022, M1369-1032, M1369-1042, M1369-1052, M1369-1602, M1369-1612
Производитель: Eppendorf
  • Eliminates vessel cleaning and autoclaving;
  • Rapid turnaround, reduced validation and lower start-up costs;
  • Unique pH and DO technology makes probe insertion totally noninvasive and autoclaving unnecessary;
  • USP Class VI and animal component free material, making vessels appropriate for GMP production;
  • Proven performance and scalability of stirred-tank design;
  • Bright, easy to read, industrial touchscreen display for interactive system management and monitoring;
  • Vessel components are constructed from USP Class VI and animal free materials, making them acceptable for GMP environments;
  • Single-Use vessels eliminate autoclaving, improve turn-around time, simplify validation and reduce cost;
  • Vessels are assembled with sparge, overlay, and exhaust filters as well as penetrations for pH, DO, temp, liquid additions, sampling and harvesting;
  • Pitched-blade impeller available on all vessel sizes;
  • Validation packages available upon request.
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