Матрица лизирующая типа «B», 100x2 мл, MP Biomedicals

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Кат. №: 116911100
Производитель: MP Biomedicals

Кремниевые шарики. Диаметр: 0,1 мм.


Lysing Matrix B 2mL tubes containing 0.1mm silica beads are used primarily for lysis of gram positive and gram negative bacteria, and will also disrupt fungal tissue and spores. They can also be used as an additive for disruption by sonication.

Product Description

Lysing matrix B is a critical component of FastPrep® sample preparation system. Each impact-resistant 2 mL tube contains 0.1 mm silica spheres. Lysing Matrix B tubes have blue caps and are found in the FastRNA™ Pro Blue Kit and FastProtein™ Blue Matrix. The fast and easy to use protocol ensures successful lysis with even the most challenging samples for high efficiency and reliability.

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