Стеклянная бесконтактная ячейка, Sonics and Materials

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Кат. №: 630-0608
Производитель: Sonics and Materials

The micro cup horns can process small samples in isolation without probe intrusion, precluding any possibilities of crosscontamination or aerosolization. Especially useful when working with infectious materials. Typical applications include: cell disruption, protein extraction, liposome preparation, protein shearing and releasing cellular components including DNA and RNA. The water-filled micro cup horn screws into the inverted converter in place of a probe. The test tube containing the sample is placed inside the cup horn. The vibrations produced in the cup induce cavitation inside the tube. Inlet and outlet ports enable cooling water to be circulated within the cup, inhibiting heat build-up during extended operation. Ease of disassembly facilitates cleaning, and in contrast to poly - carbonate cup horns with removable plastic fittings, is 100% leakproof. Supplied with splash shield. Note: Because the intensity of cavitation within the test tube is substantially less than with direct probe contact, to obtain comparable results when using the cup horn, multiply the processing time by 4. Probe: Titanium alloy Ti-6Al-4V. Connecting stud: 1 ⁄4 - 20. Diameter 25⁄32" (20 mm) Glass vessel Inside diameter 11 ⁄2" (38 mm).

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